I gained my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Texas State University in Communication Design. Currently, I reside in Austin, TX with my favorite pup Odie by my side. I have a passion for print media and visual design and I’m always looking for new ways to further my skills.

I grew up in the now not so little town of Pflugerville, TX. My mother always calls me a goof-ball and can’t believe I wasn’t born in the ’70s as a hippie. This is because of my other true love, nature, I own 50+ plants that create my mini jungle of a backyard. This is where you can find me in my free time reading a Stephen King novel (currently on Pet Semetary!) with a cup of coffee and my pup by my side.

I am currently working as a Junior Designer for PREACHER in Austin, TX.

other interests include: plants, books, hiking, smiling too much, Netflix binging, Sunday Funday with the fam-bam, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Game of Thrones, comics, camping, Horror films, my dog, bunnies, and Pineapple on my pizza